Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mechanically Inclined

First off, I will tell you why I chose this topic. I am very interested in how devices work and I would like to know more. Being mechanicly inclined means that you are good with devoces and structures, but not all people are naturally like this. You could be that person who loves to tinker around with stuff, but you don't exactly know where certain peices of those structures go. You could be logical about it along with having a little common sense, but this will only get you to certain places. Those complicated parts aren't that easy to work with. For example, say you were driving along in the middle of nowhere and your car's tire went flat; you need the "know how" to repair it. You also need the right tools, because you can't always count on your friends or a friendly bi-standard to help you out at whatever time you need them. This is why I want to be more mechanically inclined...

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